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Acetaia Leonardi Balsamico di Modena Balsama Bianca 3.38oz - Each

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Balsama Bianca was made for the modern chef who is looking for the flavor of a Balsamic Vinegar, but one which can be used in preparations that will not "discolor" when served. This product is made without the use of artificial coloring nor flavoring. The sweet Trebbiano grape must is reduced until a delicate golden color, then transferred to oak barrels previously acidified by mother vinegar in order for it to generate the acidification process. The barrels are tightly sealed to avoid oxidation and discoloration of the vinegar and left to acidify and ferment for 4 years. The result is a vinegar with deep golden hues, rich floral notes on the palate, and sweet soft acidity. This vinegar is perfect paired with delicate greens, citrus fruit and toasted almonds. Deglaze a roast chicken or turkey pan for added tang and sweetness!