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A La Maison - Deodorant - Lavender - 2. 4 Oz

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A La Maison De Provence lavender aloe deodorant keeps you cool and dry using natural extracts that fight odor-causing bacteria for long-lasting comfort and confidence. We incorporate only a light fragrance, and we leave out aluminum, parabens and palm oil to accommodate sensitive skin. Each 2. 4 oz. Tube is made with cruelty-free Ingredients for responsible use. Ingredients: propylene glycol; aqua; water; glycerin; sodium stearate; zinc ricinoleate; steareth-100; sodium bicarbonate; ethylhexylglycerin; glyceryl stearate; polyglycerol-3; fragrance blend with plant extracts and/or essential oils; silica; aloe vera extract; witch hazel extrac