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Acure - Spot Treatment - Acne - . 5 Fl Oz

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Acure acne spot treatment works to treat acne by going right to the root of the problem. Additionally, Acure acne spot treatment works to brighten and rejuvenate the skin, renewing its overall health and vitality. By using potent salicylic acid as a primary ingredient, Acure acne spot treatment provides a simple, quick-acting solution to trouble spots, allowing your natural beauty to shine through without irritating the skin. Each bottle contains. 25 fl. Ounce of product. Acure acne spot treatment is vegan friendly, and is manufactured using cruelty-free methods. So when you use Acure acne spot treatment, you dont just do your skin a favoryou do the world a favor. See label for warnings. At Acure, we want to make sure that beauty is made accessible to everyone. Thats why we make it a point to provide high-quality products that are not only easy to use, but easy on your body. With Acure acne spot treatment, its easier than ever to optimize your natural beauty. Ingredients: salicylic acid 2. 0% purpose acne treatment; water; s. D. Alcohol 40 b; salix nigra; willow; bark extract; citric acid; vegetable glycerin; vaccinium myrtillus extract; saccharum officinarum; sugar cane; extract; acer saccharum; sugar maple; citrus aurantium dulcis; orang