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Adora - Chocolate Disk Mlkchc Calc - 1 Each-30 Ct

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Adora organic milk chocolate calcium supplement disks delivers 500 mg. Of calcium and has 500 iu of vitamin d3 for enhanced calcium absorption. Adora calcium supplement is made with milk chocolate that is certified organic by qai and uses rainforest alliance certified cocoa. Containing no gmos, each delectable disk is still only 30 calories, trans fat free, gluten-free and certified kosher by the orthodox union. Contains one bag of 30 Adora organic milk chocolate calcium supplement disks. Adora calcium supplements were introduced to the world in 2006, and designed so that two delicious disks a day provide 100% of the daily value of calcium.

Ingredients: dried cane syrup; calcium carbonate; cocoa butter*+; chocolate liquor*+; milk; magnesium oxide; soy lecithin; an emulsifier; vitamin d3; cholecalciferol; dervied from lanolin; vanilla