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BeNat Pets Furry Pet Balm - 0.9 oz.

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Reusable case


EFFECTIVE MOISTURIZE, SOOTHE & PROTECT dry, cracked, and crusty paw pads. All-Natural soother balm that is safe for all dogs and formulated to treat, nourish, and protect your puppy's paws. See noticeable results in as little as one week!
HEALS DRY & CRACKED SNOUTS: Ideal for healing, treating, and protecting against painful cracking and dryness of the nose and several common ailments such as Hyperkeratosis and Discoid Lupus.
NOURISHING & SOOTHING FORMULA: Formulated with a powerful blend of vegan ingredients like carnauba wax, shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, Natural Vitamin E that deeply moisturize the snout to alleviate pain and nourish your dog's nose, because pets love to lick things!
ALL NATURAL & PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Handcrafted with no artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic, artificial fragrance-free, safe if ingested, and has natural SPF benefits. All-Natural and safe ingredients. No fillers, none of any kind of chemicals, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, synthetic artificial dyes or fragrance.
EASY TO APPLY: Gently rub onto snout 2-3 times per day, decreasing use as healing occurs. Using the balm before bed is ideal due to the peak of healing and regeneration that occurs in dogs while they sleep. It has a pleasant natural scent & does not leave a greasy residue.
Available in reusable cases and low-waste, eco-friendly tubes.

Moisturize your pup´s sniffer and paws to keep your pet happy and healthy free from dryness, roughness and irritation. Soothe and relieve him of discomfort and frustration anywhere, anytime with our superior balm blend of plant-based ingredients working together to protect it from cracked and chapped nose or paws. Conveniently packed into a chapstick-size stick or our round metal tin. Dried-out, cracked & crusty paw pads are uncomfortable for your pet & can make walking painful! Fix that quickly with our easy-to-use salve delivering immediate soothing relief you can see & feel. 
Paws can be tender, raw, crusted & bleed due to rough terrain, dust, allergens, wind, winter snow, ice & salt, and extremely hot & cold weather on walks. Our balm glides to relieve cracked, itchy, crusted, irritated & bleeding pads, restoring moisture & comfort. 
The purity of our ingredients makes it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin, allergies, and/or conditions that require regular maintenance to combat scabbed, scaly, rough, scabby skin including hyperkeratosis. 
Ingredients: Carnauba wax, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango seed butter.

Directions: On clean paws and nose, apply directly with gentle and circular movements into your pet´s paw pads and nose. Use regularly for best results.