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Bio-allers - Allergy Treatment Mold Yeast And Dust - 1 Fl Oz

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Bioallers mold, yeast & dust is our formula to help relieve the pain of allergies with various different irritants. With a homeopathic formula, our solution requires only small doses to potentially reduce your reaction to most mold, yeast and dust-related allergens. Included is one 1 oz. Container of bioallers mold, yeast & dust.

Ingredients: drug facts adrenalinum 6x purpose*? decongestant arsenicum iodatum 6x purpose*? relieves allergy symptoms lycopodium clavatum 6x purpose*? relieves allergy symptoms natrum sulphuricum 6x purpose*? relieves allergy symptoms sillcea 6x purpose*? relieves allergy symptoms histaminum hydrochloricum 12x purpose*? antihistamine aspergillus flavus 12x purpose*? allergen; mold; aspergillus fumigatus 12x purpose*? allergen; aspergillus glaucus 12x purpose*? allergen; aspergillus nidulans 12x purpose*? aller