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Bodyanew - Cleanse - Multipack Oral Drops - 50 Ml - 3 Count

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Bodyanew multipack oral drops, clease are a powerful treatment designed to promote overall health and cleansing for your body. With naturally derived Ingredients, bodyanew multipack oral drops are largely free from unnecessary additives, allowing for optimum nutritional value. This product is homeopathic. Each box of bodyanew multipack oral drops, cleanse weighs 1. 69 fl. Oz. See label for warnings. Ingredients: apis mellifica 6x; berberis vulgaris 10x 04%; berberis vulgaris 200x 0. 4%; berberis vulgaris 30x 04%; bodyanew colon & liver active: 30 drops contain: *colocynthis 3x 0. 3%; bodyanew kidney active: 30 drops contain: *berberis vulgaris 3x 10%; bodyanew lymp