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Citrus Magic Veggie Wash - Organic - Soaking Size Bottle - 32 Oz

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Veggie Wash organic safely removes waxes, chemicals and soil from your vegetables. Our Veggie Wash uses unique natural and organic citrus solvents for effective and safe cleaning. We've made sure our Veggie Wash removes surface contaminants and leaves no aftertaste. Use on firm produce by spraying and rubbing for 20-30 seconds or for leafy vegetables dilute Veggie Wash organic and soak and swish for 30 seconds. All Ingredients are USDA Organic and vegan. Each bottle contains 32 fl. Oz. Of Veggie Wash organic. See label for warnings.

Ingredients: water; organic alcohol; organic sunflower oil; organic glycerin; organic lemon oil; organic coconut oil; potassium hydroxide; for saponification; citric acid