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Desert Essence - Bar Soap - Exfoliating Italian Lemon - 5 Oz

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Desert Essence soap bar is an uplifting, exfoliating soap bar that cleanses and soothes skin. Jojoba seed powder and oat kernel flour exfoliate skin and help remove impurities. Jojoba seed oil moisturizes skin, while the lively scent of italian lemon refreshes and energizes. Infused with natural essential oils. This nurturing soap bar gently cleanses and soothes. We use 100% sustainably harvested palm oil. Includes one 5 oz bar. Ingredients: 100% rspo-certified sustainable saponified palm oil and palm kernel oil; water; glycerin; oat kernel flour; pure lemon essential oil; vitamin c; jojoba seed powder; jojoba seed oil; salt; citric acid