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Ecos - Hypoallergenic Conditioning Pet Shampoo - Peppermint - 17 Fl Oz.

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Ecos for pets! hypoallergenic conditioning shampoo, peppermint allows you to shampoo and condition your pet with a special blend of cleaners, conditioners and emollients chosen just for their needs. To promote healthy skin, we've added vitamin e oil and glycerin. We've used thoughtfully sourced, plant-derived cleaning agents that we know will clean thoroughly and gently, leaving coats clean and shiny. This product comes in a 17 fl. Oz. bottle. See the facts label for allergens and warnings.

Ingredients: thoughtfully sourced water; sodium coco sulfate; plant-derived surfactant; cocamidopropyl betaine; lauryl/myristyl glucoside; potassium cocoate; phenoxyethanol; preservative; glycerin; plant-derived skin softener; mentha piperita; peppermint oil; tocopherol; natural v