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Eye & Face Ice Roller Massager

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Eye & Face Ice Roller Massager



SMALL & CONVENIENT. BeNat’s small and convenient eye and face ice roller massager helps eliminate dark circles, smooth fine lines, and remove the eye pouches.

FUNCTIONAL. Effectively improves, lifts, and tightens the eye and facial skin while promoting blood circulation.

RELAXING. Our amazing small ice roller massages the skin to deliver nutrient absorption of skincare products.

MULTIPURPOSE. Our amazing ice roller massager is an awesome cooling eye cream tool for revitalized eyes!.

HIGH QUALITY: Made of stainless steel material, which is durable, safe, and wear-resistant, and easy to carry. 


Easy to use and clean.

Dimensions: 1.2' x 0.6'

Material: Alloy + ABS

Packaging: Paper box.