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Forces Of Nature Nerve Pain Management Rollerball Activator Topical Medicine - 1 Each - 4 Ml

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Forces Of Nature nerve pain management rollerball activator topical medicine delivers fast-acting pain relief to help your body feel well and healthy. Perfect for vegans, this rollerball activator offers anti-inflammatory relief with a blend of magical extracts that penetrate deep into the skin for soothing relief. For best results, rub into the affected area three to four times per day. Each box holds 0. 14 oz. of nerve pain management. Ingredients: sesame oil; lavandin oil; roman chamomile oil; german chamomile oil; coffea cruda* 30c. . . . Relives stinging skin associated with neuralgia hypericum perforatum * 30c. . . . Remedy for neuralgia with intense pain silicea* 30c purpose relief from stinging pain