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Forces Of Nature - Organic Ringworm Control - 11 Ml

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Forces Of Nature ringworm control has naturally occurring anti-fungals which deliver a potent anti-ringworm remedy. This homeopathic formula relieves itching and clears ringworm fast, helps prevent future outbreaks, penetrates deep into cell membranes and rejuvenates damaged skin. This organic treatment is vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo. This non-toxic product has not been tested on animals and is made from pesticide-free, plant-based Ingredients. Each box of Forces Of Nature ringworm control contains 0. 37 oz. of product.

Ingredients: sesame oil; tea tree oil; rose geranium oil; thyme oil; clove oil; thuja occidentalis* 10x; common name: northern white cedar; - remedy for ringworm silicea* 10x; common name: quartz; - remedy for itchy skin natrum muriaticum 10x; common name: sodium chloride; - ringworm remedy