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Goodles - Mac & Cheese Mover Shaker - Case of 12-6 OZ

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This is huge. Sure; it looks small; but this nifty little macaroni began with a big idea: to create a nutrient-packed noodle that looks; cooks; and tastes just like a normal; delicious noodle. Endless hours at the stove and over a thousand versions later; say hello to goodles; a gooder noodle. Goodles packs your mac with both the good stuff you want and tons of yum! And that's a pretty huge deal. Little things with big impact-we call them gooders and they are everywhere; making a tastier; kinder; happier world. Goodles is our gooder. What's yours? What makes goodles gooder? Unbelievably delicious. Community love. Make. Be. Do. Gooder. Santa cruz; CA. Please recycle for a gooder planet.