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Herban Cowboy Deodorant Forest - 2. 8 Oz

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Herban Cowboy deodorant, natural forest is aluminum-free. This product consists of a proprietary essential oil blend and offers Maximum protection against sweat in your underarms. Herban Cowboy deodorant, natural forest comes packaged for your convenience and contains 2. 8 oz. of product. This product is 100% vegan and makes a great option for your next deodorant.

Ingredients: propanediol; water; aloe barbadensis leaf juice; sodium stearate; polysorbate 20; rosmarinus officinalis; rosemary; leaf extract; carum petroselinum; parsley; extract; salvia officinalis; sage; allantoin; bisabolol; zinc; fragrance; ethylhexylglycerin; undecylenoyl glycine