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Himalania Pink Salt - Coarse Grinder - Case of 6 - 3 oz.

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Brand: Himalania

Organic: No

Gluten Free: Yes

Dairy Free: Yes

Yeast Free: No

Wheat Free: No

Vegan: No

Kosher: Yes

Fair Trade: No

Gmo Free: Yes

Size: 3 Oz

Country Of Origin: United States


Natierra Pink Salt, Himalania Coarse Grinder Is A High Quality Pink Salt Naturally Sourced By Hand From The Himalayan Mountain Range. This Pink Salt Is Pure And Free Of Unnatural And Unnecessary Additives. This Product Is Non-gmo And All Natural. Packaged In This Convenient Shaker, Each Container Of Salt Is Quick And Easy To Use. Each Shaker Of Natierra Pink Salt, Himalania Coarse Grinder Weighs 3 Oz.

Ingredients: Pink Salt