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Neem Aura Naturals Outdoor Citronella Sticks - 10 Count

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Citronella outdoor mosquito repellent sticks are the natural way to repel mosquitoes outside. These sticks are powered by essential oils and have a delightful, fresh fragrance so you can keep the bugs away without keeping your family and other guests away. Our repellent is completely deet-free and contains no petroleum wax. Weve used a mix of essential oils including lemongrass, citronella and rosemary for a fresh incense that will clear the air. Each stick burns for approximately one hour. Each box contains 10 citronella outdoor mosquito repellent sticks. See label for warnings. Ingredients: active geraniol 4% lemongrass oil 2. 5% citronella oil 1. 5% rosemary oil 0. 7% thyme oil 0. 2% geranium oil 0. 1% inert -91% sawdust vanillin total -100%