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Nubian Heritage Bar Soap African Black - 5 Oz

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Nubian Heritage black bar soap combines shea butter's hydrating properties with the soothing properties of oats, aloe and cocoa pod ash to minimize the appearance of superficial skin imperfections. Our deep cleansing formula provides Detoxifying exfoliation to reveal radiant healthy-looking skin. This soap uses ethically traded Ingredients, is sustainably produced, doesnt use animal testing and comes in a 5 oz. Box.

Ingredients: sodium palmate; sodium kernelate; water; glycerin; fragrance; parfum; butyrospermum parkii; shea; butter*; sodium gluconate; sodium shea butterate; sodium chloride; carbon; palm acid; colloidal oatmeal; palm kernel acid; tocopheryl acetate; theobroma cacao; cocoa; pod ash; s