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Nubian Heritage - Hand Cream Patchouli&buriti - 1 Each - 4 Oz

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A luxurious nutrient-rich treatment formulated with fragrant patchouli oil and moisturizing buriti oil. Organic shea butter, rose hip seed oil, and vitamin e help hydrate, repair and restore to leave hands, soft, smooth and supple. Sweet, spicy, aphrodisiacal patchouli essential oil is known for its beneficial effect on oily or maturing skin and hair. Relaxing, uplifting and soothing, patchouli complements the amazonian beauty secret, buriti oil. The buriti palm, known as the tree of life, provides food as well as a traditional treatment for skin ailments. Buriti oils high beta-carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c content works with essential fatty acids to support collagen production and anti-oxidants while hydrating and comforting the skin. Ingredients: water; caprylic/capric triglyceride; glyceryl stearate; butyrospermum parkii; shea; butter*; glycerin; vegetable; cocos nucifera; coconut; oil; theobroma cacao; cocoa; seed butter; olea europaea; olive; fruit oil; cetyl alcohol; stearyl alcohol; glyceryl stearate citrate; ce