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O Olive Oil Jalapeno And Fresh Garlic - Case of 6 - 8.5 FZ

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Brand: O Olive Oil

Country Of Origin: United States

Dairy Free: Y

Yeast Free: Y

Wheat Free: Y


O Olive Oil Jalapeno And Fresh Garlic Is Made With Non-sprayed California Mission Olives And Crushed, Not Infused, With Fresh Garlic And Ripe Red Jalapeños For A Savory Olive Oil With A Spicy Finish. O Olive Oil Is The Original Maker Of California Crushed Olive Oils, And Is Perfect For Drizzling Over Chicken Or Grilled Vegetables. One 250 Ml. Bottle Of O Olive Oil Is Cold Pressed And Made Without Additives Or Artificial Flavorings.

Ingredients: Mission Olives; California Garlic; California Jalapeños