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Ortiz White Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Glass Jar 6.7 oz - Each

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In 1891, Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate founded in Vizcaya (Spain) Conservas Ortiz. Since then, five generations have overseen the family business and continued to advance the artisanal and traditional fishing and processing techniques of Bernardo. From the beginning, Ortiz has dedicated itself to the preparation of the highest quality canned seafood. Today the Conservas Ortiz label is one of the most recognized labels in the world for tuna, anchovies and other related specialty canned fish, its products sold in over 40 countries. It's the certified organic extra virgin olive oil that makes all the difference in this new line of organic products from Ortiz. Conservas Ortiz introduces a new range of Artisanal Spanish Canned Fish packed in Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Following Ortiz's highest regard for sustainable, line caught fishing; the new range packed in Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural addition as it adds yet another level of strict standards and practices, which assures only the finest products. As with all Ortiz products, the new range is 100% Dolphin Safe.