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Roland Finest Quality White Crab Meat - 1 Each - 6 OZ

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Brand: Roland Products


Roland Finest Quality White Crab Meat Is Finely Shredded So It Mixes Well Into Your Favorite Pasta Salad For A Quick And Satisfying Meal. Use This 6 Oz. Can Of Crab Meat In Place Of Tuna In Your Next Sandwich For A Fun Twist That Perks Up Your Taste Buds With Its Sweet Taste. Layer On Top Of Crackers By Itself Or Mixed With A Dressing Or Spices For A Delectable Snack.

Ingredients: Crab Meat; Water; Salt; Sugar; Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate; Citric Acid; Calcium Disodium Edta; Sodium Metabisulfite