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Siddha Cell Salts + Flower Essentials Mood & Patience - 1 Each - 1 Fz

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Siddha cell salts + flower essentials mood & patience is made with Ingredients like blue tourmaline, century agave, chamomile, clear quartz, natural flavor, petunia, purified and structured water, sacred bamboo, sequoia and smokey quartz. Each 1 Oz. bottle contains our homeopathic formula, which temporarily relieves symptoms of being critical and intolerant, quarrelsome, irritable, hurried, anxious and quick to react. See label for warnings and risks. Ingredients: drug facts active ingredient each dose contains equal parts of: calc phos 12x hpus purpose always wants to go somewhere; peevish and fretful calc sulph 6x hpus purpose quarrelsome; does not feel appreciated carpinus betulus; flos 5x hpus; hornbeam; purpose c