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Spicely Organics - Organic Dill Seed - Case of 3 - 1.1 oz.

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Brand: Spicely Organics

Country Of Origin: United States

Organic: 95%+ Organic

Gluten Free: Y

Kosher: Y

Gmo Free: Y


100% Organic. Usda Organic. Certified Gluten Free. 100% Vegan. Dill Seed Has A Pungent, Slightly Sharp Flavor. It Resembles Caraway In Aroma, Anise In Taste And Is Commonly Used In Meat Stews, Breads, Fish And Seafood Dishes. Dill Weed Has A Different Flavor And Does Not Substitute Well For Dill Seed. Certified Organic By Global Culture. 0.25% Of Sales Go To Charities To Help Children Without Homes. No Gluten. No Msg. No Artificial Coloring. No Preservatives. No Sugar. No Salt. Non Gmo. No Irradiation. Packaged With Renewable Choice Energy. Non Gmo Project Verified.

Ingredients: Organic Dill Seeds