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Valentine Treats Charcuterie Board

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Let your sweetheart know how you really feel this Valentine's Day! It's easy to show your affection in the sweetest way with this gourmet Valentine's Day Dessert Board. Set up these sweet treats and spoil your special someone this Valentine's Day.
This board would also be fun to set up in the break room at work, or set out as a special treat for a Valentine's Day themed get-together. No matter who you share it with, it's sure to help make sweet memories.

The Valentine's Day Dessert Board includes: Biscoff cookies, Heart shaped gummy candies, Chocolate fudge filled chocolates, White chocolate hearts, Frosted pretzels, Wafer crackers, Pink strawberry Hershey kisses, Butter cookie rounds, Cream filled wafer roll cookies, Sugar cookies, Chocolate sauce, Hazelnut spread, honey, Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, Cella Chocolate covered cherries.

Completed gift measures 14"x12"x6" and weighs 5 pounds.

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